Eltun Bakhishzade is one of the most famous people in the field of video and advertising in Azerbaijan for 5 years already.

Eltun has covered such events as the openings of showrooms of Lamborgini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, as well as the presentations of automobile brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Jeep, Maserati.

The bulk of his work consists of videos for restaurants and boutiques. The huge number of these companies include such institutions like: Pasifico, Opera Sky, Sketch Lounge, Eleven, Baku Cafe, Sea Breeze, Lilac Flower Boutique, Sumakh, etc.

Dozens of music videos of such artists as Farid Mammadov, Miri Yusif, Xpert, Qaraqan; video reports from the concerts of such musicians and artists as Emin Agalarov, Grigoriy Leps, L’One, Dj Shock, Low Deep T, Coolio and many more; commercials for such companies and institutions as BeerBasha, Visus Optik, M'EAT, Shaman's Wear, Nissan, Aquavita, Nurgun Group, The Ministry of Communications, The Ministry of Emergency Situations and ASAN service.


  • It seems to me, the people working in this sector, in fact, have to be very calm. Their emotions have to be calm. Only this inner peace allows you to make healthy decisions. I am very happy for Eltun, because he is exactly that kind of person. He is very calm, and his calmness comes from his education, it comes from his intentions. I really like him. He is a man who knows his business.

  • Our project had a chance to work with Eltun just a couple of times yet. But I can say that the man knows what he does, knows his profession and certainly holds the camera firmly in his hands. I remember the time when he half climbed out of the car window as we we were driving on the winding road, just to make a good shot. He is easily cooperative. Once in the room where the shooting will be, he pre-calculates the correct angle and light, thereby doesn’t exhaust the artist. And, of course, there is no doubt that he has professional equipment and he knows what to do with it.

  • Very few people have a chance to know the person from the beginning of his professional career. A little more than 4 years ago, we started working with Eltun on a small video projects. Now Eltun is a separate unit which is capable of carrying larger-scale projects. Always improves himself, always has something new and interesting in his mind. The most important thing in our business is time. And he performs the quality work in the assigned deadlines. Believe me, thats the main thing. We as an agency for all of our video projects work exclusively with him. Now we are more than colleagues - were friends!

  • For me, Eltun, first of all, is a true professional. Always knows exactly what he needs for the perfect shot. The result has never let down. With all of this, for me personally, the more important point is the nature of his fine taste, his ability to feel the beauty. And most importantly, he is very good and classy guy, from what working with him becomes a pleasure! I think Eltun is the best alternative to expensive, cool videographers invited from abroad!

  • This man knows his job, loves his job. During operation, it solves nuances, which the customer did not know about, and the latter enjoys the finished product. In particular, I want to mention the short films of Eltun - he knows how to bring the idea to the audience. While watching the video product it is easy to feel its basic message. We have an interesting comparative expression for each photo or video. If the work consists of the good, the beautiful frames, we call it “as in abroad”. Indeed, the works produced by Eltun are so beautiful, that seem like products of some foreign teams. Eltun loves his profession and by using the styles and colors that are world trends is able to satisfy a viewer.

  • In Eltun Bakhishzade’s works one can see a single style, ingenuity and creativity. However, his approach to the work has been marked by professionalism and rationality. This combination of professionalism and creativity is quite rare in our society.

  • Very responsible, demanding, ready to experiment and talented filmmaker with which you can try to shoot something that had not been shot before. I like his openness to dialogue. He allows to find unexpected solutions, and in general, a complex work becomes easy with him.

  • The main thing that I like about Eltun is his frame vision. It’s special, not like the ones that others have. And it only pleases, because there is nothing worse than to be like everyone else. He has his own video style, which has become recognizable, thanks to the constant work self-development, which is of course pleasing, because each of his works is a step forward. And there are millions of such steps that are waiting for him, because there is not and there should not be any limits in creative development.

  • I know him for a long time and I follow his career with pleasure. I have worked with him many times. He is creative, and the result is always a pleasure to watch. Once he even filmed a video about me, I am still rewatching it. Very cool at shooting parties, he was active and generally was able to get a good shot. I am sure that with this pace he will be able to step at the international market!

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